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The Private Thoughts of Rocas

28 July
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This is the adult friends only version of my journal - it's here where you get to read the stuff I can't write elsewhere. Please see my main journal - www.livejournal.com/users/rocas for more details.
acoustic guitar, adventure, affection, androgyny, animal welfare, anime, art, bed, beds, bill bailey, books, bookshops, boots, caffeine, camping, candles, castles, cathedrals, cats, celtic art, celtic myths, chess, chocolate, choirs, christian, christianity, church, cnd, coffee shops, concerts, conservation, corsets, crazy hair, creative writing, cricket, cuddling, curiosity, daydreams, dolphins, dragons, dreaming, dreams, drinking, dutch, earth science, ecology, emo, environment, exploring, faeries, fantasy, fantasy fiction, fencing, flemish, flirting, folk music, folk rock, folklore, food, french, friendship, fun, gaelic language, german, glitter, gothic art, gothic poetry, greenpeace, guitar, helping, hiking, history, hockey, honesty, horses, hugs, humour, hurling, ice cream, imagination, independent films, intelligence, ireland, kilkenny, laughing, letters, light, literature, loud music, love, low budget films, lutheranism, magic, making things, meditation, metal, motorbikes, mountains, movies, music, mythology, nature, new friends, nuclear disarmament, old friends, pants, paper, photography, pictures, piercings, poetry, politics, rainbows, randomness, reading, red dwarf, riding, rock music, rocky horror picture show, romance, rugby, sabre fencing, sarcasm, sex, shaved heads, short films, singing, sleeping, studying, tarot, tattoos, tea, trees, underwear, university, violin, walking, war games, water, whips, wildlife conservation, wine, witchcraft, wolves, woods, words, writing, writing poetry, writing stories